MOER is a fine dining experience. Let our chef Dirk surprise you with honest and refined dishes. He cooks exclusively with carefully selected organic ingredients: our vegetables, herbs, meat and fish are fresh and mostly locally sourced. The matching wines and artisan craft beers complement the authentic flavors.

Unique fine dining event at local farm

Enjoy a fine dining experience in the open air on Sunday the 15th of September. With 6 courses, wine pairing and taxi transportation for € 100 p.p. This intimate group dinner has a maximum capacity of 20 people.

Experience our chef’s menu

To really experience MOER, we recommend that you order our constantly changing chef’s menu. Enjoy 4 or 5 delicious courses, or allow yourself and your company to enjoy the full experience along 6 courses, a cheese platter and wine pairing by our sommelier Francesco. He is more than happy to tell you passionately about the special origin of our organic wines.

2 courses€ 26,50
3 courses€ 32,50
4 courses€ 38
Vegan Chef’s Menu? That’s also possible.


4 courses€ 44
5 courses€ 52
6 courses€ 56
+ cheese€ 68
All-in menu: aperitif, oyster, wine, 6 course menu,
cheese, coffee and friandises.
€ 120


4 courses€ 42
5 courses€ 48
6 courses€ 54
7 courses€ 64

Enjoy à la carte

Are you looking for surprising organic dishes, but do you have less time? Our à la carte menu has a nice selection of honest dishes that will certainly appeal to you.


Salad with fennel, radish, orange, croutons10.5 / 16.5
Salad with roasted vegetables, pomegranate, walnut10.5 / 16.5
Salad with roasted vegetables, pomegranate, walnut10.5 / 17.5
Open sandwiches
Rib-eye, matured cheese, chili mayonnaise, radish12.5
Smoked salmon, crème fraîche, radish11.5
North Sea crab salad12.5
Bell pepper spread, yellow and red bell pepper, feta9.5
Roasted vegetables and humus9.5
Beef croquet10.5
Vegetable croquet10.5
Celeriac, miso, kamut, celeriac broth, carrots19
Croque madame9.5
Soup of the day9
Selection of cheeses12.5


Cauliflower, amaranth, smoked almond, green herbs10
Soup of the day13.5
Salad roasted vegetables, pomegranate, walnut18.5
Celeriac, miso, kamut, broth, carrots19
Tenderloin, roasted seasonal vegetables, pommes dauphine27
Fish of the day with seasonal garnish27
Rose, rhubarb, curd11
Selection of Dutch cheeses13

Drinks & Bites

Do you like to start off your evening well, catch up with colleagues or just celebrate life? Have a seat on our sunny terrace, or come together around the bar and enjoy a glass of wine, craft beer or an organic cocktail with organic snacks.


Mixed nuts4
Oysters | per piece2
Bitterballen | 6 pieces | mustard6
Vegan bitterballen | 6 pieces | dip6
Cheese croquettes | 6 pieces | ras el hanout mayo6
Fermented veggies | bread | butter5.5
Cecina De Leon | bread11.5
Cheese platter | 5 cheeses | fig bread | nuts | compote12.5
Hot dog | venison | brioche8
Not dog | carrot | brioche7.5

Wine by the glass

Albet I Noya | penedes | spain | pinot noir rosada | 201610
Mont-ferrant brut reserva | penedes | spain | xarel-lo/macabeu | 20167
Weingut zähringer | baden | germany | müller thurgau | 20175
Domaine de petit roubié | languedoc | france | sauvignon/viognier/muscat | 20185.5
Valle unite | piemonte | italy | cortese | 20176
Bodega & viñedos mustiguillo ‘masitzaje blanco’ | valencia | spain | merseguera/viognier/malvasia | 20167
Weingut bernhart | -s-trocken | chardonnay | pfalz | 201510
Big whites
Weingut bernhart | sonneberg erte lage | riesling | pfalz | 201813
Christian moreau | chablis 1er cru vaillon | chardonnay | bourgogne | 201716
Pascal marchand | meursault | chardonnay | bourgogne | 201622.5
Domaine de petit roubié | languedoc | france | grenache/syrah | 20166
Pinchinat | côtes de provence | provence blend | 20187.5
Weingut theo minges | pfalz | germany | dornfelder | 20175.5
Albert i noya | penedes | spain | cab. sav./temperanillo/grenache | 20175.5
Valle unite | piemonte | italy | barbera | 20176
Les eminades | languedoc | france | grenache/syrah/cinsault | 20177
Les deux terres | silene | merlot | rhone | 201610
Big reds
Matassa | romanissa casot | grenache gris/carignan | roussilion | 201713.5
Domaine du peche | la pech abusé | bordeaux blend | buzet | 201115
Montanet-thoden | la garance | pinot noir | bourgogne | 201515
Pascal marchand | pommard | pinot noir | bourgogne | 201122.5
Let us take you on a wine flight
Wine flight | 3 half glasses12


Beers on draft
UR Pilsner | light beer | 5% | gulpener | 25cl/50cl3/6
UR Hop | indian pale lager | 6% | gulpener | 25cl/50cl4/8
UR Weizen | wheat | 5.3% | gulpener | 25cl/50cl5/10
Zatte | blond tripel | 8% | brouwerij ‘t ij | 25cl/40cl4.5/7.5
Beer per bottle
UR Pilsner | light beer | 5% | gulpener3.5
UR Hop | indian pale lager | 6% | gulpener4.5

Weizen | white | 5.3% | gulpener4.5
Zatte | brown double | 6.5% | brouwerij ‘t ij5.5
Natte | blond tripel | 8% | brouwerij ‘t ij5.5
Wispe wit | white | 5.2% | wispe6
Wispe IPA | indian pale ale | 6.4% | wispe6
Wispe blond | blond | 6% | wispe6
Wispe bock | bock | 7.4% | wispe6
Wispe tripel | tripel | 7.6% | wispe6
RSRV | réserva | 10% | jessenhofke5
Alcohol free | pilsener | 0.0% | budels3.5
Radler | pilsener | 2% | budels4.5
Lousberg | blond | 8%6
Let us take you on a beer flight
Beer flight | 3 half glasses7.5


Cava | mont-ferrant cava brut reserva | xarel-lo/macabeu7
Cider | ciderie du legeur6.5
Albert i noya | penedes | spain | pinot noir rosada | 201610
cava | sinaasappelsap
Kir royaal
cava | cassis liquor
Veneziano spritz
cava | veneziano aperitivo | sparkling water | orange
biostilla bitter | di torino vermouth rosso | bricks gin
White vermouth | l’osteria5
Red vermouth | di torino5
Bitter | biostilla5.5
Pastis | cherry rocher6


Gin | apple juice | sparkling elderflower | lime juice11
Amaretto/whisky sour
amaretto or whisky | lemon juice | egg white
Espresso Martini
vodka | espresso | liquor
Old Fashioned
bourbon | orange | amaro
cachaca | lime | sugar
beer | jajem
Non alcoholic cocktail4.5


brick gin | naturfrist tonic | chili | ginger
Juniper brick
brick gin | naturfrisk tonic | lime | juniper berry
Bio spirits
bio spirits gin | naturfrisk tonic | rosemary | black pepper
White socks
white socks gin | naturfrisk tonic | orange
Da mhile
da mhile gin | naturfrisk tonic | apple | star anise


Cola | naturfrisk3.2
Bitter lemon | naturfrisk3.2
Tonic | naturfrisk3.2
Ginger ale | naturfrisk3.2
Elderflower | naturfrisk3.2
Orangeade | naturfrisk3.2
Lemonade | naturfrisk3.2
Ginger beer | naturfrisk3.5
Raspberry crush | luscombe4
Rose lemonade | luscombe4
Sicilian lemonade | luscombe4
Blueberry crush | luscombe4
Lime | lemonaid3.2
Passionfruit | lemonaid3.2
Blood orange | lemonaid3.2
Ice tea lemon & lemongrass | walden3.2
Ice tea peach & jasmin | walden3.2
Apple juice | schulpp3.25
Pear juice | schulpp3.25
Orange juice | schulpp3.25
Tomato juice
| schulpp


Scotch blend | highland harvest6.5
Single malt | benromach10
Bourbon | koval12.5
White rum | bio spirits6.5
Brown rum | bio spirits7
Young genever | jajem5
Old genever | bio spirits5.5
Cognac VS | pinard8
Cognac VSOP | pinard9.5
Armagnac VSOP | croix du rey8.5
Calvados VSOP | domaine des cinq autels8
Amaretto | di mattia walcher6.5
Sambuca | biostilla6.5
Cafe liquor | dwersteg7
Café creme liquor7
Orange liquor | dwersteg7.5
Amaro | dwersteg7.5
Limoncello | bello7
Grappa | piemonte7.5
Grappa | perlage8
Mirabellenwasser | klumpp7.5
Kirschwasser | klumpp7.5
Marc vom burgunder | klumpp7.5
Cahaça | novofogo7
Cahaça barrel aged | novofogo9.5


Our chef Dirk Mooren is a passionate and creative cook. This shows by his delicious and photogenic dishes. Dirk loves vegetables, that play the leading role in his organic dishes. Fish and meat play a wonderful supporting role, or can be replaced by vegan alternatives. One thing is always certain: Dirk and his team personally ensure that every guest enjoys a unique experience. Time and time again.


Our sommelier Francesco Intelisano is a true wine expert. He graduated the ‘Associazione Italiana Sommeliers’, which is one of the world’s leading sommelier courses. Earlier, Francesco was sommelier at the Hilton Hotel, among other companies. He makes sure that there are always 20 delicious organic wines open at MOER, so you can also order them by the glass. Organic and nature wines of the world’s best winemakers are selected to match with all the dishes of MOER’s Chef’s Menu – to ensure the optimal fine dining experience.

MOER x Michelin star chefs

MOER is joining forces with various Michelin star chefs. After Dennis Kuipers, Wilco Berends of De Nederlanden (*) prepared his signature dish. He cooked his North Sea crab dish fully organic and chef Dirk makes sure it matches his chef’s menu. Enjoy this culinary collaboration until July 28.


When you have guests, you want to make sure that they have a special experience. At MOER, we understand this. That is why our restaurant is the perfect place for a business lunch or dinner, a group dinner, or a pleasant get-together. Because where else can you enjoy organic products in a stylish environment? Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.



Are you looking for the perfect location for your event? At MOER we offer exactly what you are looking for: a unique, sustainable and stylish venue in the heart of Amsterdam. And because we are located close to the ‘Ring A10-West’ motorway and train stations Lelylaan and Amsterdam-Zuid, we are easily accessible by car and public transport. All this combined with our delicious organic food and drinks, makes the perfet spot to host your press event, wedding or birthday party.


– High Wine: 3 tasting glasses of wine and 5 dishes for € 29 per person
13:00-15:00 on 17 & 21 July
– Bubbles & Oysters: Oysters € 1 and glass of cava € 5
14:00-18:00 on 14 July
– Bubbles & Oysters: XXL: live music, oyster tasting, oyster stand. Oysters € 1 and glass of cava € 5 12:00-20:00 op 28 July


When you choose vegan ingredients will not just be replaced, but a completely balanced vegan dinner will be served. The surprising preparations of the vegetables in combination with our wine pairing make this a vegan fine dining experience you never had before.


Our chef works with organic products and where possible locally produced. For example our vegetable supplier Tuinen van West is located just a few kilometer from the restaurant in a green area of Amsterdam-West. They grow vegetables in a sustainable way without using any chemicals. The meat that we serve is supplied by Wild van Wild. They hunt in a sustainable way in order to remain the natural balance. Moreover, they harvest their meat directly from the field. Also for this supplier goes that the availability of products is seasonal. Martijn Verkerk from Smaragt Wijnen – who received the award for best sommelier in 2010 – also shares this love for nature. He supplies a nice selection of wines and is a big fan of wines from biodynamic soil. MOER has an open kitchen and we are happy to tell you more about our products.